Canon MP560 Is Printing Black Only

By Ty Arthur

A printer isn’t a very helpful device if it can only print in black and white, especially if you plan on printing off photos or charts and graphs. While the Canon Pixma MP560 normally pulls from three separate color cartridges while printing, there are software settings that may prevent these cartridges from giving you the vibrant colors you need.

Disabling Grayscale

The Pixma MP560 includes a “grayscale” option that forces your text or image to only print in black, white and gray tones. To turn this feature off, bring up the quick link menu by holding the Windows key and tapping “X,” and then navigate to the “Control Panel.” Click “View Devices and Printers,” right-click the Pixma MP560 entry and choose “Printing Preferences.” Navigate to the “Main” tab, and remove the check mark from the “Grayscale” box. Save the change by clicking the “Apply” button.

Application Preferences

Besides changing the grayscale color option directly through the Pixma MP560’s preferences, the specific application you are using to print documents or images may also be set to use grayscale. Navigate to the word processor or image editing program you usually use, and tap the “CTRL” and “P” keys to bring up the print window. Select your printer from the list of options, and then click “Properties.” Remove the “Grayscale” check box if it is selected.

Color Balance

The MP560 lets you change individual color balances, which may result in black prints. To access the feature, navigate to the "Control Panel," click "View Devices and Printers," right-click the Pixma MP560 entry, and select "Printing Preferences." Click the “Set” button beneath the “Color/Intensity” heading. Click and drag the “Cyan,” “Magenta,” “Yellow,” “Intensity” and “Contrast” slide bars away from the “Dark” setting. Clicking the “Default” button also changes all the options to their normal settings automatically.

Color Ink Levels

If all the grayscale and color options have been checked, and your Pixma continues to only print in black and white, the remaining issue is likely that the color cartridges are simply empty. To check the printer’s ink levels, access the “Printer Preferences” window again and navigate to the “Maintenance” tab. Click the “Ink Details” button to see an estimation of the amount of ink remaining in each of the MP560’s cartridges. If the color cartridges are empty, lift up the entire scanning unit cover at the front of the printer and pop out the empty cartridges. Set the replacement cartridges into the ink carriage, and close the scanning unit cover.