Canon 2000X Instructions

by Whitney Houston

The Canon FS10, FS11 and FS100 camcorder models feature a 2000x digital zoom. When the 2000x digital zoom is utilized, the area is indicated in light blue on the liquid crystal display (LCD). The Canon 2000x zoom camcorder captures images and video, which is saved to a removable memory card for later viewing. Delete footage and images by using a few basic controls on the flip-out LCD screen.


Turn the camcorder over and slide the memory card cover open with your hand. Insert the recommended memory card into the memory card chamber with the label facing the back of the camcorder. Push it down into the chamber until it clicks securely into place. Close the memory card cover.


Twist the "Mode" dial on the back of the camcorder to "Shooting" mode. Turn the camcorder on by flipping the "Power" switch on top to "On" and flip out the LCD screen by inserting your finger into the groove and pulling out. Press the "Start/Stop" button underneath your right thumb, if your hand is in the strap, to start recording.


Press the "Zoom" buttons on the back of the camcorder to zoom in on or zoom away from the subject while watching the LCD screen for digital zoom boundaries. If you extend beyond the white area of the zoom indicator on the LCD, the digitally processed information becomes more pixilated the further you zoom. Press the "Start/Stop" button again to stop recording.


Turn the "Mode" dial to "Playback" to view captured footage. Use the navigational buttons on the LCD screen to select the footage you wish to review. Push the "Play/Pause" button on the LCD screen to play the selected footage. The scene starts to play from the beginning and stops at the end. Push the "Play/Pause" button to pause the review.


Push the navigational button to select the scene you wish to delete while the camcorder is in "Playback" mode. Press the "Func" button and push the navigation button to the right to select "Delete." You'll be asked to confirm your decision. Select "OK" and push the "Func" button again. The scene is deleted. Press the "Func" button and select "Menu" to delete all scenes from the memory card. Select "Memory Oper," "Del All Movies," "Yes" and "Ok." Push the "Func" button to exit.


Twist the "Mode" dial to "Shooting" mode and push the "Func" button to access special shooting modes. Use the navigational button to select "Program AE" and "Portrait." Push the "Set" button in the center of the navigation button to display the shooting options. Select "Night" mode to better capture poorly lit subjects, "Fireworks" to capture a fireworks display, "Portrait" to blur the background and make the subject more prominent or "Sports" to capture fast-moving subjects.

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