Cannot Open Craigslist

By David Nield

Problems with one specific site point to a technical fault rather than a local issue.
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If you're experiencing problems opening the Craigslist website on a company computer – and all other websites and Internet services work without issues – there's likely to be a problem with the Craigslist site itself. Other possibilities are that a browser add-on or security tool is blocking access to the website.

Craigslist Issue

If there is a technical problem with the Craigslist website, details should appear on the Help pages of the site. Alternatively, use a Web service such as Is It Down Right Now (see Resources) to check on the status of Craigslist. If the site is experiencing difficulties, you will have to wait until the issues are resolved before viewing or posting on the platform.

Browser Add-on Issue

Another possibility is that a browser add-on is preventing Craigslist from opening correctly. Access the add-on and extension settings for your chosen browser and disable these utilities one by one to detect any compatibility issues. Focus on add-ons that control page loading, page display and security scanning. If you do discover an extension that's causing a problem with Craigslist, remove it completely and contact the developer to see if an update is available.

Security Tool Issue

One of the security programs on your computer may be preventing access to Craigslist, possibly because it deems it a security threat. Check the configuration settings for your anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall programs to make sure that Craigslist is not listed as a blocked site or a security threat. If you are accessing the Web through a corporate firewall, Craigslist may have been blocked by the network administrator.

Further Troubleshooting

Try accessing the site with a different Web browser. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are all secure, modern applications that should have no problems opening up Craigslist. If the problem seems more widespread, and other sites besides Craigslist are failing to load or loading slowly, you may need to cast your troubleshooting net wider. Resetting your network hardware, updating the network drivers running on your computer and updating your browser may all help to resolve the issue.