How Do I Cancel Vistaprint?

by Andrew Tennyson

If you’ve recently placed an order through Vistaprint and now need to cancel it, you can do so directly through the company’s website. Vistaprint states outright, however, that it cannot guarantee it can cancel an order once the order is placed. If the cancellation request is successful, a merchandise credit is applied to your account. If you want to cancel your entire Vistaprint account, you must contact the company by phone.

Cancel Orders

To cancel an order you’ve recently placed through Vistaprint, start by logging in to your account and visiting the Most Recent Orders page (link in Resources). Select the order you want to cancel and click “Next.” Select the reason that best corresponds to why you’re cancelling your order and then click “Cancel My Order.” Finally, click “Yes, cancel” when asked to confirm.

Cancel Account

Unlike an order, Vistaprint does not provide an account cancellation tool on its website. Instead, you must call the company directly and speak to a customer service representative to cancel your account. You can reach Vistaprint at 1-866-859-3406. Keep a record of any cancellation numbers or documentation provided by Vistaprint. In addition, consider asking for the customer service representative’s name or employee number for added proof that you cancelled your account.

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