How to Cancel Identity Guard

By John Grossman

Identity Guard specializes in preventing identity theft. Consumers who want to use Internet Guard's solutions need to sign up for a recurring subscription, which is charged monthly on their credit card. In order to prevent unauthorized people from canceling a subscription, Internet Guard doesn't allow cancellations to be made by e-mail. You can, however, contact them by phone if you wish to end your subscription.

Step 1

Locate your Internet Guard account information on one of your invoices. You will need your account number in order to cancel your subscription.

Step 2

Call Internet Guard at 1-800-452-2541 and ask their customer support representative to cancel your account immediately. According to the Internet Guard terms of services, "You have the right to cancel your subscription without fee or penalty at any time."

Step 3

Check on your next credit card statement that Internet Guard has indeed stopped charging you.