How to Cancel FiOS TV

By JaniqueB

There are many TV providers available on the market. It can be difficult choosing the best service. Verizon provides a TV service known as Verizon Fios. The company uses fiber optics for its TV service and claims its performance surpasses that of its competitors. But if a provider's service doesn't meet your expectations, you'll want to cancel.

Step 1

Canceling television service should not be a difficult process.

Call 888-553-1555 and enter the phone number associated with your account or your account number.

Step 2

Customer service representatives can assist in canceling your TV service over the phone.

Tell the customer service representative you would like to cancel your Fios TV service.

Step 3

Reading obligatory contracts before signing up for TV service can save you money.

Pay an early termination fee if you are still under contract. If you are not under contract, you are not obligated to pay a fee.

Unreturned equipment can cost a lot.

Return any equipment provided by Verizon. If not, it will charge you for the equipment. The company will send a mailing label along with instructions.