How to Cancel FiOS TV

By JaniqueB

Verizon's TV service is powered by fiber optics.
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There are many TV providers available on the market. It can be difficult choosing the best service. Verizon provides a TV service known as Verizon Fios. The company uses fiber optics for its TV service and claims its performance surpasses that of its competitors. But if a provider's service doesn't meet your expectations, you'll want to cancel.

Step 1

Canceling television service should not be a difficult process.
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Call 888-553-1555 and enter the phone number associated with your account or your account number.

Step 2

Customer service representatives can assist in canceling your TV service over the phone.
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Tell the customer service representative you would like to cancel your Fios TV service.

Step 3

Reading obligatory contracts before signing up for TV service can save you money.
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Pay an early termination fee if you are still under contract. If you are not under contract, you are not obligated to pay a fee.

Step 4

Unreturned equipment can cost a lot.
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Return any equipment provided by Verizon. If not, it will charge you for the equipment. The company will send a mailing label along with instructions.