How to Cancel Call Barring on Nokia

by Brad Harris
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Though call barring helps customers avoid certain costs – such as those associated with accidental international calls – the barring feature can prove troublesome when calling outside the country is actually necessary. Although you can partially cancel call barring on your Nokia, you may need your wireless carrier’s assistance to complete the process in total. Enlisting their aid will ensure that the feature has been cancelled on both ends, allowing you to properly make and receive calls.

Carrier Cancellation

Step 1

Contact your carrier to request that call barring be cancelled on your Nokia.

Step 2

Ask the customer service representative for the call barring password should you need to edit your Nokia’s settings. Write this password down for easy reference later.

Test your phone’s ability to make and receive calls. If barring is still enabled, you will need to manually disable it on your Nokia.

Phone Functionality

Step 1

Press “Menu” and then “Settings.” Select “Phone” and then “Call barring.”

Step 2

Press “Menu” and then “Settings.” Select “Phone” and then “Call Barring.”

Step 3

Select “Outgoing Calls” and then press “Options.” Choose “Deactivate all Barrings” from the resultant menu.

Step 4

Enter the call barring password provided by your carrier.

Step 5

Repeat this process for “Incoming Calls,” “International Calls” and any other desired barring modes you wish to disable.

Test your ability to make and receive calls.


  • As not all Nokia devices are the same, steps may vary depending on the type of phone you have. Consult your instruction manual for additional information regarding call barring if needed.


  • Disabling call barring could lead to extensive extra charges depending on your wireless plan. For instance, when roaming outside the country, disabling the barring of “Incoming calls when roaming” could lead to expensive charges for every incoming call made to your Nokia.

Items you will need

  • Carrier contact number
  • Device instruction manual

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