How to Cancel Cable Service

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

If your finances are tough, you may want to consider canceling your cable television service. Although cable is a nice luxury, it plays second fiddle to more important bills such as electricity, gas or water during hard times. Additionally, you may want to cancel your service to move to a different service provider, such as one that offers satellite television. Whatever the reason, you can usually cancel your cable television service with little hassle.

Review your original service agreement to determine if your cable company will charge you a cancellation or contract fee. Although these fees are rare, you'll want to make sure you won't get hit with a hefty bill simply for canceling your cable service. If you cannot find the information, you can always give your cable company a call.

Contact your cable company by telephone. Examine a recent billing statement to find the telephone number. This statement should also have your account number on it, and you may need to provide the representative with it in order to cancel your account.

Speak with the representative at the cable company. Tell him you want to cancel your cable service. He may try to persuade you otherwise. Hold firm if you are serious about canceling. Tell the representative the effective cancellation date if you do not want the service canceled on the day you call.

Provide the representative with your final mailing address, if it is different than you current address. This allows the cable company to send you your final bill or a refund if you are entitled to one. Be sure to write down your cancellation confirmation number if the representative provides you with one.

Return your equipment to the cable company if necessary. If you have a cable box, it's likely that you are leasing it. Bring the box to the company's office during regular business hours to drop it off.

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