How to Cancel AT&T Long Distance

by Mario Calhoun

As mobile phones become the primary way of communicating, the use of landlines has continuously declined. With that, many additional services, including long distance, also became unnecessary. AT&T makes it easy for you to manage your phone services by accessing your account from the comfort of your home. For cancelling services, you must contact AT&T's customer service and speak to a representative to verify your identity.

Call AT&T; customer service at 1-866-246-4852 on your landline or mobile phone.

Press "1" if you are calling from your landline, or enter your home telephone number on the keypad. The automated service connects you to a live service representative.

Request a cancellation of your long distance service. The service representative processes the request, and provides a confirmation number of the service cancellation.

Write down the confirmation number, and store it in your filing cabinet or on your computer for your records. The cancellation will be applied to the following billing statement.

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