Can You Manage Contacts in Gmail on an iPad With an App?

By Lauren Miller

It's not as easy as you might expect to manage Gmail contacts on an iPad.
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Strangely enough, it's not easy to simply view your Gmail contacts with an app unless you use some syncing software that merges them with your iPad contacts. You can buy third-party software for this task, or you can use the built-in CardDAV feature. A2Z Contacts is the only third-party app that's favorably reviewed by users as of mid-2013. The disadvantage to this approach is that you can't always tell at a glance which contacts come from Gmail. If you need to see your Gmail contacts on your iPad, your best bet might be to just access Gmail on your Web browser.

Managing Contacts With the Built-in Contacts App

Tap the “Settings” app on your iPad. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” in the settings menu. Select “Add Account” and tap “Other” from the list of email providers.

Tap “Add CardDav Account.” Four fields will appear. Type “” in the server field. Type your Gmail email address in the User Name field. Type your password in the Password field. Add a description of your Google Gmail account in the Description field.

Tap “Next.” The screen will show the word “verifying” as it confirms your details. If you entered all of the information correctly, check marks will appear next to each field for a few seconds before the screen returns to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” screen.

Open the Contacts app on your iPad. You will see your Gmail contacts listed among the other contacts that are visible. The source of the contact is not always apparent. When you edit or delete the contacts, the changes will automatically sync to your Google Gmail account.

Managing Gmail Contacts With A2Z Contacts

Navigate to the App Store on your iPad. Search for “A2Z Contacts.” The app costs about $1 as of May 2013. Purchase and download the app to your iPad.

Open the A2Z Contacts app. Follow the screen prompts to add an email account.

Tap the Contacts icon to see your Google Gmail contacts. Tap a contact name. Select “Edit” to modify a contact’s details.

Tap the garbage can icon to delete a contact. Tap the “Send Message” button to send a text to a contact. Tap “Share Contact” to send the contact’s details to another person in your contact list. Tap the envelope icon to send an email to a contact. Tap the phone handset icon to call a contact.

Viewing Contacts with the Google Voice App

Navigate to the App Store and search for “Google Voice.” Download the free app to your iPad.

Open the Google Voice app. Sign in to your Google account.

Select the “Dialer” icon. Tap the contacts icon, which looks like the head of a person. A list of all of your Google Gmail contacts will appear. Tap on a contact to view details. You cannot edit contact details in the Google Voice app.


The options for viewing your Google Gmail contacts via an iOS app are limited. You can use Safari or another iPad-compatible Web browser to also view and edit contacts on the Web (see Resources).