Can You Make Money with GoDaddy?

By Brian Flax

Resell GoDaddy product and services directly through your website.
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GoDaddy offers several products and services to help you generate extra income online. You have access to several commission-based programs, including an affiliate and domain parking program. Both programs can be integrated into your current website and start generating revenue right away. You can also resell GoDaddy products and services under your own brand with their reseller program or open an online store to sell your own products and services.

Affiliate Programs

You can make money with GoDaddy by joining their affiliate program (see Resources.) Customers that you refer who sign up or purchase GoDaddy services can get you up to 40% commission depending on the product or service sold. Affiliate members are given a custom URL to promote on their website or blog, and there is no fee for joining the service.


If you own a domain that you are not currently using, you can park the page with a program called CashParking (See Resources.) GoDaddy will display ads on the parked domain, generating income every time somebody visits the page and clicks on an advertisement. You'll generally receive 60% to 80% of the fee that GoDaddy charges for each click.

Reseller Program

If you want to sell GoDaddy services under your own brand or name, GoDaddy offers an API Reseller Service (See Resources) that can help generate revenue. By paying an annual fee to GoDaddy, you can buy domains at wholesale prices to sell directly to your customers. The price you charge your customers is entirely up to you.

Build an Online Store

Another option to make money with GoDaddy is to open an online store and sell your own products and services (See Resources.) No programming is required, you'll have access to 24/7 technical support and you can accept credit cards directly on your website. You'll have to pay a monthly fee directly to GoDaddy to use the service, but you can set your own prices for the products you sell.