Can You Fax From Comcast?

By Alexis Rohlin

Comcast Digital Voice or the new XFINITY Voice phone services can be used to send and receive faxes for your home business or personal needs. Comcast Digital Voice also provides caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail.

Homepoint Service

If you have Comcast Digital HomePoint service, you can plug your own telephone, fax machine or other telecommunications device into the back of the Advanced Cable Gateway. There is a plug or port located on the back of the device into which you can plug the device. The telephone or fax machine will not be able to access HomePoint features like your SmartZone address book or other online features.

Call Waiting

If you have call waiting enabled, it can interfere with incoming fax calls and dial-up connections to the Internet. If you want to temporarily cancel call waiting while making or waiting for a fax, pick up your phone receiver and listen for the dial tone. When you hear it, press *70. The call-waiting will be cancelled for the current call only. The call waiting will be restored for the next phone call.

Incompatible Equipment

In addition to several brands of telephones that will not work with Comcast Digital Voice, the Hitachi Omni Fax HF18TME fax machine will not work with XFINITY Voice and has a high probability of errors when attempting to use it with the Comcast phone service.


Make sure you purchase a fax machine that is compatible with Comcast. If you are having problems sending a fax from your computer, plug your computer directly into the phone jack in your wall, instead of running the line through a DSL router to get your fax to go through.