How Can I Get My WordPad Back?

by Marina Martin

You can normally find WordPad, one of the default Windows text editors, in the "Accessories" folder under "All Programs" from the Start menu. If WordPad suddenly disappears from this location, it is likely still installed on your computer. You can recreate the WordPad launching shortcut by locating the original executable on your hard drive.

Click the "Start" button. Choose "Computer."

Double-click on your main hard drive, such as "C:."

Double-click the "Windows" folder.

Double-click the "System32" folder.

Right-click on "write.exe."

Choose "Create Shortcut." A pop-up box will ask if you want to place the shortcut on the Desktop. Click "Yes." You now have an icon on your Desktop for launching WordPad.


  • check Right-click on the WordPad shortcut. Choose "Rename" to change its name back to "WordPad."
  • check Move the WordPad shortcut from your Desktop by clicking and holding on the shortcut icon. Drag and hold the icon over the Start menu, then navigate through the All Programs tree. Release your mouse when the shortcut is in the location of your choice.