Can Verizon Send Text Overseas?

By Jessica Ring

Plans designed for Canada and the U.S. can help you save on international charges.
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Concerned about staying in touch while traveling or with friends and family who live abroad? If you have Verizon Wireless, you have several International Text Messaging options available; the price depends on your plan and the destination country.

International Text Messaging

Verizon partners with phone companies in other countries for International Text Messaging. You can only send an International Text Message if the recipient uses a participating carrier. Check the Verizon website for participating carriers and rates. For almost all countries, it costs 25 cents to send a text message and 20 cents to receive a message, as of 2011. Text messages sent to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico are not considered international, and domestic rates apply instead.

International Picture and Video Messaging

International Pictures and Video Messaging works in the same way as text messaging, though the rates are higher. It costs 50 cents to send a picture or video message internationally and 25 cents to receive the message, as of 2011.

International Roaming

If you are the one traveling abroad, you can use Verizon's International Roaming to use your cell phone. The rates vary from each country, but most roaming rates are $2 per minute and 50 cents per text message. Dial *611 on your Verizon phone to enable roaming before you travel.

How to Send

For countries that use 10-digit dialing, send the text message in the same way that you send domestic messages. If the country does not use 10-digit dialing, start the number with "011" followed by the country code. Input the recipient's phone number after the country code.