Can You Use Two Different Profiles on the Same Netflix Account?

By David Nield

i Image courtesy of Netflix

Netflix introduced multiple user profiles for the same account in August 2013. The idea behind the feature is to make it easier for viewers sharing one account to maintain their own viewing histories and recommendations. If one family uses the same Netflix account at home, for example, dad's movie recommendations aren't affected by the kids' television show choices.

How User Profiles Work

You can add up to five user profiles for each Netflix account without paying anything extra. Each individual profile on the account then gets personalized suggestions based on what has been watched and rated using that account, as well as separate Recently Watched and Instant Queue lists. The separate user profiles can also be connected to separate Facebook accounts, providing personalized suggestions from Facebook friends that won't be affected by other users sharing the same Netflix account.

Creating a Profile

Your current profile appears in the top right corner of the Netflix Web interface. Click the drop-down menu arrow to the right to add new profiles to your account. Use the "Add Profile" link to set up a new profile and enter the name of the new user when prompted. Netflix also gives you the option of setting some profiles as being used by children under 12, restricting the type of content that the user is able to access. Using the "Edit" buttons at the side of the profile name list you can change the names used, pick a different avatar and remove profiles from the account.

Using Profiles

You can choose profiles from the drop-down menu within the Netflix interface to keep viewing histories and recommendations separate. The first time you use a profile, Netflix prompts you to choose some movies and television shows you enjoy to generate the first batch of recommendations. If you find yourself unable to switch between user profiles or create new profiles from within Netflix, the feature may not yet be supported on your current platform. Head to the Netflix website to add or remove profiles and to make sure they're working correctly.

Supported Devices

When the profiles feature was first launched, new profiles could be created on only the Netflix website and Netflix on the PS3. User profiles could be selected on the website, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Apple TV and most modern smart TVs and Blu-ray players. As of November 2013, there has been no additional profile support announced, which means profiles can't be used at all on Netflix on the Nintendo Wii or on the Netflix app for Android, and can be set up from only the Netflix website and the PS3 app.