Can I Use an HP Monitor With My Mac?

By Benny Taylor

Ensure you have the correct cable and adapter for your monitor.
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You should have no problem using an HP monitor with your Apple Mac computer. However, it is likely you will need to purchase and connect a suitable adapter to convert the monitor's input connecter to a connection compatible with your Mac.


HP offers various different input connections on its monitors. Older screens are likely to feature VGA (Video Graphics Array) and/or DVI (Digital Video Interface) input ports. Newer screens often add a DisplayPort connecter and sometimes a high-definition HDMI input. The video output connections on Mac computers are often small, Mac-specific versions of the standard connections, such as Mini-DVI, and the Mini DisplayPort connections found on new Mac computers and laptops as of March, 2011. Adapters are required to convert these ports to standard-sized ports to allow the monitor cable to connect.


A wide range of monitor adapters are available, both from Apple directly and from third-party companies. For example, Apple states that the Mini DisplayPort can output to DisplayPort, VGA, DVI and HDMI with a suitable adapter.


Some older Apple Mac computers, such as iMacs released prior to 2001, include a standard VGA port. You can connect a VGA-compatible HP monitor to one of these older Macs without needing an adapter.


For the best image clarity, you should ensure your Mac is set to output an appropriate screen resolution to the HP monitor. The resolution is set in the "Display" section of the Mac's "System Preferences" menus. Flat-screen monitors usually have a recommended native resolution; check your documentation for details.