Can You Use a Coax Cable for Verizon?

by Maya Austen

Verizon's fiber optic services (FiOS) delivers phone, Internet and cable TV service to the homes of its subscriber via a fiber optic cable network. The benefit of using fiber optic cables to deliver cable service, as opposed to coaxial cables, is the faster connection speeds provided by fiber optic cables.


While FiOS is delivered to the homes of Verizon FiOS subscribers using 100 percent fiber optic cables all the way to the subscriber's house, inside the home FiOS is installed using the home's existing coaxial cable wiring. Therefore, you can use coaxial cables with Verizon FiOS service.


The purpose of using coaxial cables, as opposed to fiber optic cables, in the home when installing Verizon FiOS is to make the installing process easy and convenient. Many homes are already wired for cable TV or Internet service via coaxial cable connections.


Use 75 Ohm coaxial cables when hooking up Verizon FiOS equipment in your home whenever the use of a coaxial cable is required.

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