How Can I Upload Multiple Photos on a Facebook Group?

by Sarah Morse
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Facebook groups have a more collaborative environment than Facebook pages or profiles, allowing members to contribute equally even if they do not have admin privileges. This cooperative nature extends to photos; any member of a Facebook group can upload one or more pictures, and after an album is created, any group member can add to it. If the admin sets the privacy of the group to "Open," anyone on Facebook can see the photos, but if she sets the privacy to "Secret" or "Closed," only group members can see uploads.

Step 1

Sign in to Facebook and navigate to the group where you wish to post the photo by clicking its link under the "Groups" heading of your homepage.

Step 2

Click "Add Photo / Video" above the group's status update box.

Step 3

Choose from "Upload Photos / Video" or "Create Photo Album." Both options allow you to upload multiple photos, but the "Create Photo Album" option then allows you to organize and separate them from the general photo group.

Step 4

Click to choose a photo you would like to upload, and, while holding down the "Ctrl" key, click other photos to add them to the selection. Click "Open" when you finish selecting.

Step 5

Add descriptions to your photos while you wait for them to upload. If you created an album, add an album title and description and tag other members if you wish.

Click the "Post" button to submit the photos to the group.


  • Contribute photos to an existing album by clicking the "Photos" tab, choosing the album and pressing "Add Photos."


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