How Can I Turn on My House Lights With Homelink?

By D. Wright

Homelink can be used to turn on your house lights from your vehicle.
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Homelink is a wireless control system by Johnson Controls that can activate different aspects of the home from a vehicle. In other words, if you want the lights of your home to be turned on, the television turned on and a pot of coffee starting, this can be accomplished with a few buttons before you ever step foot outside your vehicle.

What is needed

While virtually anything that consumes electricity can be used with the Homelink wireless control system, you can get acquainted with the system by simply learning how to turn on your home lights. Assuming you already have a Homelink system installed in your vehicle, you will also need the X10 Activehome Pro.

X10 Activehome Pro

The X10 Activehome Pro is a home automation system. It works the same as Homelink in that aspects of your home are controlled via your PC as well as a programmable remote. Some packages start at $49.99, while other packages with more hardware start at $99.99. Once you have obtained this system and take the time to set it up properly (the packaged directions outline how to set up the system), you will need three additional pieces of hardware.

CM15A USB PC Interface

X10's CM15A USB PC interface can be used to create custom events the X10's home automation system can perform, such as turning on and off lights. The ability to control your house lighting comes standard in all X10 home automation systems, but you can also control the lighting through Homelink. The software that is included with the hardware is simple to use.

X10 device module and RF Remote

This device is simply used to catch the RF (radio frequency) signal that is being transmitted via Homelink. It interprets the function of the signal and translates it via the CM15A USB PC Interface. In turn, the PC Interface discovers that the signal is directing the system to perform an event, such turning on your home lighting, and performs the task. You can also purchase the RF remote if you wish to adjust something, such as dimming the lighting.

Tying it all together

Now you must program Homelink to work alongside the device module. The instructions that came with your Homelink service will show you how to properly program one of the buttons. Once you have successfully programmed one of your Homelink buttons to activate the device module, you will be able to activate your house lights from within your vehicle.