Can You Transfer Your Landline Phone Number to a TracPhone?

By Allen Breon

When you make the move to Tracfone, you can take your landline number with you.
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Tracfone is a pay-as-you-go prepaid wireless phone service provider. Tracfone’s cellular phones are sold all over the U.S. at bargain prices. Each Tracfone includes at least 20 minutes of airtime when you purchase it. To add more airtime, you can purchase airtime cards at many retail locations, or order the minutes online at It is possible to transfer your active phone number with another provider to your Tracfone.

What You Need

To transfer your number to Tracfone you must first own a Tracfone wireless phone. Phones purchased from other providers cannot be used with Tracfone’s services. Although the phone itself may not be branded with the Tracfone logo, you can know it is a Tracfone phone by either the packaging you purchased it in, or when the phone displays “Tracfone” as you turn it on. Also, the number you intend to port must be currently active on your landline. If you have canceled your landline service, you will need to reactivate it before the transfer can be completed

Initiate the Transfer

In order to transfer your landline phone number, you will need to either call Tracfone’s customer service line at 1-800-867-7183, or visit Tracfone’s website ( Should you use the website for the transfer, you should have your fully charged Tracfone on hand. You will need to enter your phone’s serial number to initiate the transfer. You may also need to provide Tracfone your account number with your landline provider, any passwords or PINS on your landline account and the current contact information registered with your landline provider.

The Transfer Process

The actual number transfer may take as little as a few hours and at most a few days. Switching your landline phone number to Tracfone will cause your landline phone service to be disconnected. Make sure you keep your Tracfone service active during this time by adding more minutes if necessary. If you do not keep your Tracfone service active, you may lose your wireless number during the transfer.

Possible Issues

While the port is in process, 911 calls may not include your geographical information. If you must dial the emergency number during the port, you may need to provide your physical location verbally during the call. Also, if the zip code associated with your current landline phone number is not in the zip code for your local calling area on your Tracfone, you will be considered “Roaming” even when you are at home on your Tracfone. If this is the case, the phone’s screen will state “Roaming” and you will be charged double the units for each call.