How Can I Track My Verizon Phone Being Shipped?

By Maxwell Payne

Track your new Verizon phone online.
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Verizon Wireless allows you to order phones and phone accessories online. This includes both in-stock phones and phones that are yet to be released that you can pre-order. Once your order is submitted and paid for, you can check back periodically to see where your new Verizon phone is and when it is scheduled to arrive in your mailbox. This is especially useful if you need the phone quickly or are eagerly awaiting a pre-order phone.

Step 1

Visit the Verizon Wireless Order Status webpage.

Step 2

Enter the "order number" in the "Order Number" box. This number is either a 7-digit or 16-digit number found on your receipt for the order you are tracking. Verizon sends a digital receipt to your email address when you place an order. You may need to check your email to locate this order confirmation email.

Step 3

Enter your last name as you entered it when ordering in the "Last Name" box.

Step 4

Enter the "Location Code" in the associated text box. Not all orders have a location code. Check your order receipt and enter the matching location code. If there is no code for this, leave this box blank.

Step 5

Click on "Check Status" to view the results. Depending on the processing of your order, you may see dates and times for stages of the order process or shipping. You may also see an additional tracking number for the postal service. If there is an additional tracking number, visit the associated mail service website listed and enter the tracking number and select "Track."

Step 6

Check the option to receive "text" or "email" package updates if available to get updates sent to you.