Can I Track Who Logged on to My Yahoo Email?

by C. Taylor

You can see the IP address and location of people who have recently logged into your Yahoo account. This security feature enables you to analyze login events for suspicious activity. If you see your account has been accessed from distant locations or times when you were offline, then your account may have been compromised. Although the location information makes identifying geographic regions easy, the IP address identifies the offender's Internet service provider and subsequently his address via the involvement of law enforcement agencies.


Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.


Point to your name at the top of your Yahoo Mail account, and select "Account Info."


Enter your Yahoo account password, which is the same as your Yahoo mail password.


Click "View Your Recent Sign-in Activity" from the Sign-In and Security section.


Look through the list to see the time, access type, event and location of each login session. The access type tells you if access occurred through a mobile device, browser or a Yahoo program. The event tells you what was accessed, such as your mail. The location tells you the geographical location where access occurred. If you logged into Yahoo through a proxy or VPN, the location showed when you log in will be that of the proxy or VPN service.


Click the "Location" drop-down menu, and select "IP Address" to see the IP address of each login event.


  • check If you see suspicious login attempts, immediately change your password to prevent others from regaining access.

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