How Can I Test My Signature Pad?

By C. Taylor

Test a signature pad by entering your signature in a document.
i signature image by Allyson Ricketts from

A signature pad allows the user to enter a hand-written signature into digital documents. Manufacturers of signature pads packet the drivers and software for the program, which enables their use in appropriate programs, such as Acrobat, Word and Excel. Testing a signature pad is as easy as trying to enter a signature into a document, and knowing how to add a signature is the first step in accomplishing that goal.

Open up an appropriate program such as Acrobat, Word or Excel.

Choose to add a signature into the document. In Word or Excel, this will likely be done via a button on the "Insert" or "Add-in" tab, installed by the signature pad software, or via the "Insert" menu on older versions. You need to consult the signature pad documentation for precise instructions, since each manufacturer differs.

In Adobe Acrobat, open any pdf file or create a new one. Choose "Advanced," "Sign and Certify" and then "Place Signature." You have to select the method, so you would choose your signature pad. Acrobat will prompt you for placement by dragging your mouse in the location the signature should go.

Sign your name on the signature pad. If it shows up in the program you chose, then it works. If it didn't, there may be a problem with the installation.