How Can I Tell When My McAfee License Will Expire?

by Brad Chacos

No matter what type of protection you need for your computer, McAfee probably supplies it. The company aims to position itself as a one-stop-shop security provider, offering a number of products ranging from security suites to encryption software to online backups and virus scans. Many software programs require you to purchase a new license for each computer you install the program on, but not McAfee. The company's Director of Product Management explained in a 2010 blog post that your subscriptions are tied to your McAfee account, not individual machines. You can check your subscription status on McAfee's website.

Open a Web browser and visit McAfee's website at

Click the "Log In" button at the far right side of the gray toolbar running across the top of the website.

Log in to the McAfee website with the same email address and password you used when you registered the product you're checking on.

Click "My Account" in the gray toolbar running across the top of the screen. You're taken to the "My Account" interface.

Click "My Products" in the "My Account" navigation options listed on the left side of the screen. A list of all your active subscriptions appears in a table on-screen.

Check the "Expiration Date" box for each listing to learn when your subscription to that service ends.


  • check McAfee also sends you a warning email before your subscription ends.

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