Can You Tag Your Friends on Facebook Through Android Phones?

By Carolyn Luck

Facebook tagging typically requires permission.
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Facebook tagging ability is more than just a question of logistics. Tagging Facebook friends, particularly when using your mobile device, can be tricky. Your tagging ability is affected by your own Facebook privacy settings, as well as those selected by your friends. You may not always be able to tag friends on Facebook, regardless of whether you’re using Facebook for Android or the desktop version.

Tagging and Privacy

Facebook privacy settings enable members to determine how and by whom they wish to be tagged. Some members prefer not to be tagged at all on the social network, while others opt for a little red tape. Typically, when you tag a friend, he receives notification from Facebook with a link to the tagged content. The Timeline Review feature requires member approval for tags in order for content to become visible on Facebook. You must adjust your settings to enable tagging on content you own, and the person you wish to tag must allow his friends to tag him.

Tagging Your Content

You can tag friends in content you post on Facebook, including status updates, comments, videos and photos. Upon posting a status update, photo or video, click the silhouette-shaped icon in the lower left corner of the post’s dialog box and select the friend you wish to tag from the resulting list. To tag a friend in a comment, type the “@” symbol followed by the first few letters of her name, and select from the resulting list. To tag friends in photos after uploading, open the photo and click the tag-shaped symbol. Tap the photo where you wish to place the tag, which is usually on the person’s face or torso, and select a friend’s name from the resulting list.

Tagging Other People’s Content

Some members opt for heightened privacy settings, which prevent others from tagging the content they post. If you don’t see the tag-shaped icon on a friend’s photo or video, that is likely the case. Quite often, Facebook business pages and groups have privacy measures in place to prevent members from posting content at all, much less tagging one another. This is done in an effort to prevent spam and protect members’ privacy.

Facebook for Android

The Facebook for Android application enables you access your Facebook account on the go using an Android phone. If your Android didn’t come pre-installed with the app, visit the Google Play Store to download it. The Facebook for Android app may be less effective at tagging than the desktop version, particularly when you’re trying to tag someone who is not a confirmed friend.