Can You Sync Your Messages to Your iTunes?

by Leigh Thompson

Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad are designed to hold a large amount of information, including movies, videos, music, photos and messages. You can receive your email and SMS messages on your device and store them for future use. To protect against information loss, you can sync your Apple device with your iTunes software on your personal computer. This saves most of the information on your device in case you need it later.


Your iTunes software is designed to sync and backup your Apple device. Once you sync your device, that information is stored in your iTunes library for future use. ITunes is a free software available to download from the Apple website ( The iTunes sync and backup functions are designed to protect you against information loss in the event your device crashes or freezes up.


The sync function takes the information off your Apple device and stores it in your iTunes library or third-party application such as Outlook. You can set the sync settings from the main iTunes screen with your Apple device plugged in. You can sync your email accounts, notes, contacts, music, applications, movies, TV shows, videos and photos to your iTunes account. You cannot sync your SMS (text) or MMS (photos and video) messages. However, when you sync your device with iTunes, a backup is saved to your computer.


The backup function in iTunes takes a snapshot of the information on your Apple device and saves it to your computer. This backup is then used later on to restore information to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The backup function in iTunes does save your SMS and MMS messages. Your email messages will not be saved, only your email account information. If you have to perform a factory restore later, the software will install the last backup and your messages are restored to your device.

How to Backup Your Device

Plug your device into your personal computer using the provided USB cable. Open up iTunes. Right-click your device in the left column. Choose the "Backup" option from the list.

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