Can External Speakers Be Connected to a DVD Player?

By Darrin Meyer

Can External Speakers Be Connected to a DVD Player?
i Image by, courtesy of Jeff Gunn

DVD players are available today in models ranging from the very basic to the sophisticated, with a varying number of features and options. They are designed for use at home, on the road and even in the car, and with most players, connecting external speakers is a simple task with the right equipment.


While home DVD players typically do not have a specific jack for connecting speakers, they will have outputs (both analog and digital) that allow the audio signal to be routed to a stereo/home theater system for simple stereo or multichannel surround sound through that system's speakers.

Home Theater

Other home theater systems come with a DVD/Blu-Ray player built in with the tuner, meaning that in these cases the speakers are plugged directly into the back of the unit for a quick and easy setup.

Auto DVD Players

Some DVD players are designed specifically for use in a car, minivan or SUV, and are wired directly into the vehicle's speaker system. While additional external speakers cannot be attached to these, many have a headphone jack to which portable mini-speakers can be plugged in.


Different sizes of speakers are available in stores to connect to any audio device with a headphone jack. Among these devices would be any home or portable DVD player with that jack. The sound quality of these speakers will vary depending on the model and manufacturer.


Computers with a DVD-ROM drive will also offer a way to connect external speakers, through a headphone jack and/or a separate audio output jack for some desktop computers.