Can Someone Use Facebook on Panasonic Viera?

By Adrian Grahams

Panasonic Viera TVs boast many smart features.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Internet-enabled Panasonic Viera TV sets with the Viera Connect feature offer Facebook as one of the available smart applications. You can use the Viera Connect Facebook application to access your account and view status updates, photos, posts and other content on the social-networking site. Before using your Panasonic Viera TV to access Facebook, you must connect the set to the Internet and register the Viera Connect smart application with your Facebook account.


Panasonic has introduced the Facebook smart application as part of the Viera Connect feature on Internet-enabled high-definition TV sets. Older Panasonic Viera sets without the Viera Connect feature don't include the Facebook smart application. If in doubt, check your Viera set's user manual or consult the support section of the Panasonic website.

Network Requirements

To access Facebook or any of the other applications offered as part of the Viera Connect feature, you must connect your Viera set to a high-speed broadband Internet service. You can connect the set by running an Ethernet cable from the LAN port on the back of the TV set to a free LAN port on your Internet router or modem. Some Viera sets also offer integrated Wi-Fi wireless connectivity through an internal wireless antenna or wireless connection through a wireless adapter that you plug in to the set's LAN port. To set up the Facebook application on your Panasonic Viera, you must also have access to a computer connected to the same network as the TV set.

Setting Up the Facebook Application

To register your Panasonic Viera TV set with Facebook, press the "Viera Tools" button on the set's remote-control handset. Use the remote's directional arrows to highlight the Facebook icon on the screen, then push the "OK" button to launch the Facebook app. On the Facebook app welcome screen, select the "Add Facebook Account" option. On your PC or laptop computer's Web browser, navigate to the dedicated Viera Connect Facebook signup page (link in Resources) and follow the onscreen instructions to log in to your account and grant permission for Viera Connect to access your Facebook account. At the end of the process, you need to create an additional username and security PIN specifically for accessing Facebook on the TV set. Write down the username and PIN and store it in a safe place.

Accessing the Facebook Applicaton

After you've registered Viera Connect with Facebook, you can access your account directly from the TV set. Push the "Viera Tools" button on the remote control and select the Facebook application icon on on the Viera Connect screen to launch Facebook. The Facebook app opens by default on your homepage news feed, but you can also view your Timeline page and access events, notifications, photos, messages and your Facebook friends list.