Can I Skype Without Video?

by Luke Arthur

Although one of the primary features of the popular software Skype is video calling, it is not the only service that Skype offers. In fact, you can do a lot more with Skype besides making video calls to your friends and family. With all of the features that Skype has to offer, you can keep up with your friends regardless of your situation.

Phone Calls

One of the most basic ways to use Skype is to make a phone call. You do not need a webcam or a video feed to talk to someone through Skype. You can make a basic phone call to other Skype users for free. Even if someone is not have Skype, you can still call them through the service. if you are on your computer, you can make a Skype call to anyone with a regular phone number as well.

Instant Messaging

Another way that you can use Skype is with instant messaging. Skype offers a simple way for users to interact with one another through the instant messaging platform. With Skype, you can see when all of your friends are online and easily communicate with them. If a phone call is not the best way for you to communicate at the present time, you can simply chat with them through this interface. You can use emoticons, sounds and even send files through the chat function.

Text Messaging

If you need to send a quick message to someone who is not near a computer, you can use the text messaging feature on Skype to get the job done. With Skype, you can send SMS text messages directly to a cell phone. When you use this functionality, you will have to pay per text message as if you were using a cell phone. However, the rates are very comparable to cell phone carriers and it can be convenient when you do not have a cell phone handy. As of the time of publication, Skype charges rates starting at .047 cents per text.

Other Uses

You can even use Skype if you do not have access to your computer. You can buy phones that integrate into the Skype system so that you can simply pick up the phone and dial it as if you were talking on a regular land line. Many smart phones today also have the ability to use Skype. When you use it on your cell phone, you can usually access it through your mobile network or through Wi-Fi.

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