Can I Send Pictures From Facebook to Wal-Mart to Be Printed?

by Carolyn Luck
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If you’re like most Facebook members, you probably have a collection of photos uploaded to your profile. Although people may be liking and sharing them online, it’s nice to have prints to store in albums for in-person sharing and to reminisce about in the coming years. You can import Facebook photos directly to Wal-Mart’s online photo center for printing and photo project creation. Wal-Mart offers several different printing, pricing and delivery options.

Uploading Facebook Photos

Sharing Facebook photos involves a simple upload process and a computer or a mobile device. The Add Photo/Video option at the top of any Facebook page enables you to select existing photos or capture new ones from your computer webcam or mobile phone camera. You can upload a single photo or multiple photos to create an album. Choose your desired privacy setting using the audience selector tool upon upload and click “Post.” Your photos will be ready for importing to Wal-Mart’s website.

Importing from Facebook

Go to Wal-Mart’s main photo page (link in Resources) and sign in to your Wal-Mart account or create a new one. Select the “Shop Products” tab, click “Order Prints” and choose the “Facebook” option from the left-side panel. Select the “Sign in” link and click the “Log in With Facebook” button in the resulting dialog box to sign in to your Facebook account. After that box closes, the existing Wal-Mart Web page will display a list of your Facebook photo albums in alphabetical order. Select an album, choose the photos you wish to print, accept the “Download Approval” terms and add photos to your cart. After your photos are imported from Facebook, follow Wal-Mart’s website prompts to complete printing or create photo projects.

Prints and Projects

You can print your Facebook photos or use them to create photo projects, such as blankets, mugs, calendars and other items. From your Wal-Mart online account, click the “My Projects” tab at the top of the page and select type of project you wish to create. Select the photos you want to use to customize your project and follow prompts to edit as needed and check out.

Delivery Method

Wal-Mart offers two options for photo delivery. Pick up your photos at a local Wal-Mart store or opt for home delivery. In-store pickups are ready in about an hour, but may cost more than home delivery orders. Wait times may be longer for excessively large orders or those filled in stores with unusually large volume. Home delivery costs vary according to shipping times, which range from three to five business days to expedited and overnight shipping.

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