Can You Search for People via Their Email on Tumblr?

By Brandy Alexander

Updated September 18, 2017

Find people on Tumblr using their email address.
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If you want to find someone on Tumblr, you can search for the person's email address. Enter an email address on Tumblr's Following page, and it displays any blogs associated with that address. You can connect to someone even if you do not know the name of the person's blog or the person's username, as long as you have a Tumblr account.

  1. Launch the Tumblr site and log in to your account (link in Resources).
  2. Click the “Account” icon, and then click “Following” in the drop-down menu to access the Tumblr Following page.
  3. Type the email address you want to search in the text field. The page displays any Tumblr blogs that correspond with that address.
  4. Click “Follow” to begin following the blog. You also have the option to click on the name and explore the blog before you follow it.


Following someone on Tumblr enables you to send messages to the user and see the user's blog posts on your Dashboard page.

Besides searching for emails, you can also use the Following page to stop following someone. Simply click the “Unfollow” button next to the blog name you no longer want to track.


If a user has the “Let people find your blogs through this address” setting disabled, the blog will not show up in any search results.