Can You Save Pictures From Other People's Facebook Page?

By Aaron Wein

The ability to upload photos on Facebook is one of the most popular features on the social networking website. Furthermore, not only can you upload your own photos to share with your friends, but you also have the ability to download other people's shots. So long as you can view a photo on Facebook, you have the ability to save it to your computer's hard drive.

Step 1

Log in to Facebook and navigate to the profile or page where you want to download photos. You can download any photos that you can view (those not blocked by privacy settings).

Step 2

Select "Photos" to view a list of photos.

Step 3

Locate and select the photo you want to download. The Photo Viewer opens.

Step 4

Hover your cursor over the photo and select "Options."

Select "Download" to download the photo to your computer.