How Can I Save My Documents in WordPad?

By Christopher Carter

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WordPad is a very basic word processing program. It's equipped at the time of purchase on most computers that use a windows operating system. WordPad provides the user with the ability to create reports and print documents. In addition, WordPad provides users with the ability to edit documents with the help of built-in cut and paste features.


Before saving your word pad document, you'll need to conduct a manual spell check. Unlike other word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, WordPad doesn't have a spell or grammar check feature. Format your document. WordPad allows you to utilize a variety of font styles and sizes, bullets and other formatting tools. Align your document.

Naming Document

When you're ready to stop working on your document, click on the "file" menu. Click the "save" or "save as" button. Name your document something that makes it easily identifiable to you. The name of your document should correspond to the information in the document. For example, if your WordPad document consists of promotional information for your business, you may want to name your document "promo info."

Document Type

Select a location where your document will be saved. You may have your document saved to a document folder, your desktop or any other location of your choice. Select rich text format as the document type. This feature saves your document with the formatting you've created. If you choose to save your WordPad document as a text document, it won't contain any formatting.