Can I Resize Pics With Android Email?

By Serm Murmson

You can resize your Android pictures before sending them via email.
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The native Android email app does not allow you to resize your pictures. However, before you email photos, you can alter your images in a number of ways. You can change your camera settings, crop images in the Gallery app or use a third-party image editing app. This can be useful if you need to send multiple images or if the recipient of your email can only receive attachments up to a certain size.

Android Email

When you compose an email in the Android Mail app, you can attach pictures from your gallery. The picture you attach can't be edited; it attaches to your email exactly as it exists in your gallery. For example, if your image is 1.6 megabytes in your gallery, it will be 1.6 megabytes when attached to your email. You can't edit the size of the picture at all from within the Android Mail app.


Before you attach a picture in the Android Mail app, you can crop the desired picture in your Gallery app. Select the image in the gallery, and tap the image when it displays. In the bottom of the screen, select "Edit." In the Edit menu, you can crop, rotate or filter the image. If you resize your image by cropping it, the cropped image will save as a new image file in your gallery.

Resizing in the Camera App

If the size of your images is a constant issue for emailing, you may wish to save your images in a different size. In the Camera app, tap the gear icon at the top of the screen to open your camera settings. Select the "Image Resolution" option. Select the resolution that will optimize your image for the emails you will send. For example, if you wish to send smaller images via email, select the "Small" resolution. Android devices have a variety of screen sizes and hardware settings, so the exact size of the Small resolution will vary depending on your device. Once you have selected the Small resolution, all of the pictures you take within the Camera app will save in this resolution.

Resizing Images in an App

If you need to resize your images in a different way than either the Camera or Gallery app allow, use a third-party image-editing app. PicsArt, Snapseed, Photo Editor by Aviary and Photo Resizer allow you to resize your images. The functionality of these apps varies. Some of them allow a number of transformation options, while others offer basic resizing similar to that of the native Camera app.