Can I Repost a Photo Album to the Top of My Page on Facebook?

by C. Taylor
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When you first create a Facebook album, it appears on the top of your timeline. The album's position drops lower on the timeline as new entries are added, such as commenting, adding friends or uploading new albums. Rather than recreating the album to reclaim the top position, use the share feature to repost the album. This creates a new entry at the top of the timeline without losing the comments or settings of the original album.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and click "Photos" from the left pane.

Step 2

Click "Albums" from the top navigation bar and then click the album you wish to repost.

Step 3

Click "Share" at the bottom-left of the album.

Step 4

Click the "Share" drop-down menu, and select "On Your Own Timeline."

Step 5

Enter a new comment for the "Write Something" field.

Click "Share Album" to repost it on the top of your timeline.


  • Drag and drop an album to reposition it on the list of albums.


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