How Can I Read AT&T Text Messages?

by LaTasha Rogers

AT&T is one of the major cell phone companies that offers wireless phone service. A top requested service that AT&T offers is text messaging, which allows user to send and receive electronic messages to and from other cell phone users or computers. Retrieving the text messages will vary depending on the cell phone but the general instructions for reading the text message is pretty much the same.


Make sure the phone is on and navigate to your menu option. This will vary depending on the cell phone but the menu button is usually found on the main screen. An envelope icon on the phone's display screen indicates that there are new messages.


Select "Messages" or "SMS" from the cell phone menu. Click on "Unread" messages from the desired text message options. Select the message you want to read from the list of available text messages. The full message will be displayed for you to read as well as options to "Reply" or "Delete."


Select the "Sent" option from the messaging menu to read messages that you have sent to others.


  • check In your phone's sound settings menu, you can assign a specific ringtone to alert you when new text messages arrive. Pay attention to your ingoing and outgoing text messages because both count toward your text messaging limit based on your cell phone plan.

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