How Can I Read an ANSI 837 File?

By Jonah Quant

ANSI 837 medical billing transactions can be viewed and edited easily.
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In electronic medical billing, ANSI 837 files contain all the first transaction information for a service claim. ANSI 837 files encode that information as a series of fields, which must satisfy certain properties with respect to one another. Because those files are encoded as raw text files, they are not formatted to be understood by users. HIPAA Document viewer is a Windows utility that allows users to view ANSI 837 files in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Step 1

Log into Windows as any user with Administrator rights.

Step 2

Download HIPAA Document Viewer. See Resources for the link.

Step 3

Double-click on the downloaded file, "HIPAA Document Viewer 2.0.exe."

Step 4

Accept the terms of the license. Select a "Default" install. The installation will complete.