Can You Put Two Names on a Facebook Profile?

by C. Taylor
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Facebook profiles are for individuals, so you cannot include the names of two different people in your profile. However, Facebook's alternate name option allows you to include a second name, as long as it's one you formally use. This alternate name may be a nickname, maiden name or professional name. Examples of professional names are a performer's stage name or a writer's pen name.

Step 1

Click the gear icon on your Facebook profile and select "Account Settings."

Step 2

Click "Edit" in the top Name section.

Step 3

Enter a second name in the "Alternate Name" field. This name should be one by which you are actually known.

Step 4

Check "Include This on My Timeline" to make the second name searchable.

Step 5

Enter your Facebook password in the "Password" field.

Click "Save Changes" to configure your second name.


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