Can You Pull Up an Item on Craigslist by Its Sale Number?

by Kevin Lee

If you’re looking for a bargain on a product or service, you can often find one on Craigslist. Power searchers who know how to use Craigslist save time by using the service’s advanced search features. When you view an ad that interests you, you will find a Posting ID number, sometimes called a sale number, near the bottom of the ad next to the words “Posting ID.” If you’d like to find that ad quickly in the future, save the number and look for it using its Posting ID.


Visit the Craigslist homepage of the city for which you saved a Posting ID.


Tap or click the category that contains the item you'd like to find. For instance, if have the Posting ID for a camera, click the "For Sale" category. A new page opens and displays items for sale in your category.


Click the "Entire Post" radio button in the All For Sale search engine.


Paste your Posting ID in the "Search For" text box, and click "Search." Craigslist finds the post you're looking for and displays it as a link. Click that link to view the post.


  • check Ensure that you search in the same location and category from which you obtained your Posting ID. For example, if you visited a Denver Craigslist page and wrote down the Posting ID of a dryer you found in the For Sale category, return to the Denver page and search in the For Sale category.
  • check Another way to return to interesting Craigslist ads is to bookmark the ones that interest you. You can return to the ad later by opening your bookmark.
  • check The URL of the page that displays an ad also contains the ad's Posting ID.

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