Can I Program a Comcast Cable Remote for Blu-Ray?

By Jacob Reis

Consolidating remote control functionality can improve your movie watching experience.
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As home entertainment benefits from the impressive boom in technology over the last couple of decades, consumers are rushing to buy and install the latest in movie-watching devices. Recently, DVD use has begun to decline as the era of Blu-Ray draws near. The newest devices make our movies look more real than ever. While many people will happily take the burden of half-dozen remote controls, others will search out ways to consolidate remote usage. One such function of the Comcast remote control is the ability to program it to use your Blu-Ray player.


Open the pamphlet that came with your Comcast remote control, or download the pamphlet from the Comcast website. This pamphlet lists all of the instructions for use of your remote control as well as a list of makers of TVs and devices with a set of codes. These codes are what you will use in later steps to try and get your remote to work with your Blu-Ray player.


Follow the instructions for programming your auxiliary player. Normally, you will press the "Aux" button, then hold the "Setup" button until the "Aux" button flashes twice. You will then enter the code that corresponds to the brand of Blu-Ray player that you want to use. This syncs the Comcast remote to the frequency that the Blu-Ray player expects to receive from its own remote. It tricks the Blu-Ray player into thinking that the Comcast remote is the Blu-Ray remote.


Observe, as the "Aux" button will flash twice if a valid code has been entered. Point the remote at the Blu-Ray player, and press "Aux" then "Power." If the Blu-Ray player switches on or off, then it works. If not, proceed to the next code on the list for your maker of Blu-Ray player. Once you've found a code that works, experiment with the different functions that your Comcast remote can perform. Usually, these include same buttons that you would use when controlling an On-Demand movie or TV show. To use these buttons for your TV instead, press TV then the buttons you want to use. If in doubt, press the "Aux," "TV" or "Cable" buttons before the button you want to push to ensure that the appropriate device will function.


If none of the codes work, go to the Comcast website and enter the make and model of your device for the most updated codes. If your make and model are found, then you will be presented with the codes that will work for your device. Enter these as you have entered the codes in the previous steps. If this does not work, contact Comcast Customer Service for a solution. Some devices are not compatible with the Comcast remote.