Can You Print Saved Pictures From Facebook?

By Alan Sembera

Special paper allows you to print photos with glossy or matte finishes.
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If you're active on Facebook you may get so many pictures from friends and family that it's hard to keep track of them all. Every so often you may see a picture you want to keep, and even print a copy so you can add it to your physical photo album. Printing pictures from Facebook is a relatively simple process. You can get a relatively high quality from even low-cost color printers.

Saving Pictures

Step 1

Navigate to the Facebook page containing the picture you want to save.

Step 2

Click the image to view it in full size. Saving an image while viewing it in full size will give you the highest resolution when printing. You can save a smaller version of the image directly off a Timeline or page, but saving a smaller version of the image will give you a lower resolution if you decide to print to a larger size. If an image is part of a link to another page or profile, you will have to follow the link to the other site before you can open the picture in full size.

Step 3

Right click on the image and select "Save Image As."

Step 4

Select a destination folder and enter a name for your image file. Click "Save" when done.

Printing Saved Pictures

Step 1

Navigate to the folder on your computer or network where you saved the pictures. Use the "File Explorer" app, which you can locate from your Start screen by typing "File Explorer" into the search field. On older versions of Windows, right click on the Start button and select "Open Windows Explorer."

Step 2

Right click on the image file, and then select "Print." To print several pictures at once, hold down the Control key and click on the files you wish to print, and then right click one of the files and select "Print."

Step 3

Select your printer and printing options from the "Print Pictures" dialog box. For the best results choose the highest quality print setting. Make sure you change the paper type if your are using special photo paper. In many cases you can find advanced features available on your particular printer by clicking "Options" and then "Printer Properties." Click "Print" when you are done.