Can You Post Powerpoint Files on Facebook?

by Steve McDonnell
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You can't share a PowerPoint presentation on Facebook by uploading the PPT file. However, you can turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video using the built-in "Save & Send" option, and then upload and share the video. If you've narrated your slides and set custom timings for each slide, the video reflects your settings.

Create Video File

Step 1

Launch PowerPoint and open your presentation.

Step 2

Choose "File" and "Save & Send" from the menu.

Step 3

Choose "Create a Video." Select the target display device, such as "Computer and HD Displays." Select "Use Recorded Timings and Narrations" if you recorded a narration in PowerPoint and set up timings for each slide.

Click "Create Video." Select a destination folder, enter a file name for the video and choose "Save."

Post the Video to Facebook

Step 1

Launch Facebook and sign in to your account.

Step 2

Select "News Feed" if it doesn't appear as the default view. Choose "Add Photos/Video" and select "Upload Photos/Video."

Step 3

Navigate to the folder where you saved the video, select the video file to upload and choose "Open."

Step 4

Type a description of the slideshow or any other information you want to include with the video when it's posted to your news feed.

Click the arrow next to the Post button and adjust the security settings. Choose the people or groups who are allowed to see the video if you want to restrict the audience. Select "Post" to post your PowerPoint presentation as a video file on Facebook.


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