How Can I Plug an MP3 Player Into My Bose?

By Greyson Ferguson

Bose produces some of the highest quality audio equipment available. Although you usually use Bose sound systems with televisions and other video devices, you can connect your MP3 player to the Bose player. This gives you the ability to enjoy your music over the enhanced speaker system, instead of the small headphones you typically use to listen to the audio.

Step 1

Insert the 3.5 mm plug of the cable into the headphone port of your MP3 player. You can find this cable at almost any electronic store.

Step 2

Insert the red and white RCA plugs on the other end of the cable into the red and white audio "In" ports on the back of the Bose sound system. Take note of the exact "In" port name or number because there are most likely multiple ports.

Step 3

Power on the MP3 player and the Bose sound sound system.

Step 4

Set the Bose sound system to the audio port you have the MP3 player connected to. For example, if the MP3 player is connected to audio port 2, set the playback to channel 2.

Step 5

Play your audio on the MP3 player. The sound now streams through the Bose sound system.