Can I Plug My Laptop Into My Vizio TV and Use It as a Monitor?

by Tyson Cliffton

Connect your laptop to your Vizio TV to maximize your display capabilities. Connecting your laptop to your Vizio TV is ideal for mirroring your laptop's display on the bigger screen to share with a group of people or for extending your personal work area. Whether you use a PC or a Mac, you can connect your laptop to your Vizio TV in a matter of minutes.


You can connect a PC laptop to a Vizio TV using either a VGA, HDMI or DVI-to-VGA or DVI-to-HDMI cable. The VGA input is located on the back of Vizio TVs -- typically in the lower right corner -- in the RGB PC section. The VGA input is located beneath the text "RGB PC." HDMI inputs are located in the lower-right corner on the back of Vizio TVs and along the left edge of the TV. It does not matter which HDMI input you connect the PC to. Using an HDMI cable outputs the PC's video in high definition. All of the other cables output in standard definition.


Mac laptops have a mini-DVI video output. You can connect your Mac to a Vizio TV using either a mini-DVI-to-VGA or mini-DVI-to-HDMI cable. Because mini-DVI outputs in standard definition, regardless what cable you use, the outputted video on the Vizio screen will only appear in standard definition.


Because VGA cables do not carry audio,connect a PC audio cable to the microphone jack on your PC or Mac laptop if you are using the VGA output to connect your laptop to the TV and you want audio. Connect the other end of the PC audio cable to the AUDIO input to the right of the RGB PC input on the back of the TV in the RGB PC section. If you are running an HDMI cable from the laptop to the Vizio TV, you don't need to connect any type of separate audio cable because the HDMI cable carries the PC's audio.

Display Options

PCs let you mirror the display on both the laptop and the Vizio TV, extend the computer's display from the laptop to the TV or view the display on the external screen only. Alternatively, a Mac laptop lets you extend your laptop to the Vizio TV or mirror your laptop's display onto the Vizio TV.


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