Can You Play DVDs on a DVR?

By Rob Kemmett

DVDs contain similar files as a DVR, but the two do not interact with one another.
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Although their names appear to be similar, DVDs and DVRs have nothing to do with one another. A DVD is a digital video disc that contains video files and full-length movies, while a digital video recorder (DVR) is a device used to record digital television. Although DVDs contain movie files, they cannot be played on a DVR; the two formats are incompatible.

Digital Video Recorder

DVRs record television programs and movies directly from a cable TV connection. The programs stored are digital files saved to the DVR's hard drive. The programs can only be played on the DVR or on a computer with compatible software. Recorded programs can be played at anytime.

Digital Video Disc

DVDs are discs that contain movie files. DVDs cannot be played on a DVR since there is no way to insert the disc into the unit. DVDs are only playable in devices intended for DVDS.

DVD Players

DVDs can be played in DVD players, Blu-Ray players, computers, video game consoles and portable media players. Some DVD players are standard-definition and others are high-definition. To experience the true video quality of a DVD, use a high-definition DVD player.

Where to Purchase

DVRs and DVD players can be purchased from major electronics stores and online retailers. DVRs can also be rented from cable-TV service providers, many of which offer DVR service and provide customers with DVRs for a low monthly fee.