Can I Get Phone Service With HughesNet Satellite?

By Oneil Williams

Some routers have VoIP adapters built in.
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HughesNet is exclusively a satellite Internet service provider. If you require home or mobile phone service, you will need to contact a landline, mobile or digital phone provider to establish service. If you have HughesNet satellite Internet or are considering this provider's Internet service, it is possible to use a VoIP phone service through your satellite Internet connection.


If you're considering HughesNet's satellite service and want to have home phone service along with it, VoIP is one option to consider. If you have access to cable TV in your area, your cable operator may have a VoIP offering. You may even find online applications that allow you to make VoIP calls via your computer using a microphone and for very little cost. VoIP services tend to offer a wealth of calling features such as caller ID, call rejection, call blocking and selective call forwarding. Some VoIP services even allow you to save your voicemails as electronic recordings that can be attached to emails and forwarded on to others.


Another option you should consider for phone service is a mobile or cellular phone. As of April 2011, some 234 million Americans are using mobile devices, and Smartphone acquisition continues to rise. Using a mobile for phone service gives you the freedom to stay connected no matter where you go, provided your mobile carrier provides nationwide or international coverage. If your mobile provider charges you for a data plan on your Smartphone, you can use a wireless router to connect to HughesNet's satellite service at home and forego the data plan.


Landline phone service has been around since the 1800s and is still viewed by many as the most reliable form of phone service. If you don't need to have a host of fancy calling features, you can ask your local telephone provider for a basic telephone line with no add-ons. Many calling features will probably cost extra with landline phone operators, but unlike VoIP, you don't lose your phone connection if your Internet or mobile phone network goes down. If you require your phone service to always be on and available, a landline phone may be your safest best.


Although HughesNet does not provide home phone service, you can find service that meets your needs and fits within your budget by determining what features are must-haves and which ones are not. Ask phone providers about all the fees that may appear on your monthly phone bill so you won't be caught off guard by unexpected taxes and fees. If an agreement is required for home phone service, read it carefully to ensure you consent to all the terms.