Can I Change Phone Companies & Keep My Number?

By Angela Odum

Can I Change Phone Companies & Keep My Number?
i Image by, courtesy of Bahador Jamshidi

Many consumers want to change phone companies in order to get better prices or service, but are not willing to change their phone number. Technology makes it possible for you to change phone companies without changing your number.


You can keep the same number when transferring service, whether you have landline, wireless, or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service.

Porting Time Period

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires phone companies to have your number transferred in one business day for simple one line ports.

Issues With Porting

During the porting period you may experience problems with dialing 911 and/or temporary loss of service.

Things To Consider

Before switching phone companies, check to see if you are in a contract and if there are any early termination fees. Also, make sure that you are paid current, because your carrier will not transfer a number if you aren't paid current. Check for additional fees that may result from porting your number or switching providers.


Don't disconnect your phone service with your carrier, because if you do they cannot transfer your number.