Can a House Be Monitored Over the Internet Via Satellite?

By Justin Beach

Various devices allow for home monitoring via the Internet.
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Automated and remote connection devices allow individuals to monitor their homes when they are not physically present. In situations where an individual is outside the range of normal Internet coverage, an increasing number of companies offer satellite connections.


Several companies offer Web video cameras that can be monitored remotely over an Internet connection. These cameras allow users to watch what happens when they are not at home. As with other video cameras, you can store the feeds from these cameras for later viewing.

Automated Homes

Home automation technology allows users to connect a variety of household devices to their computers. Automation can control things such as temperature, lighting, home entertainment and alarm systems. With a remote desktop connection, a user can monitor and control home appliances from anywhere in the world.

Satellite Internet

A number of companies offer satellite Internet connections. These connections can be expensive and are subject to gaps in coverage, just like a cell phone is, and atmospheric interference; however, for individuals working in remote or isolated locations, satellite coverage allows Internet access when nothing else can.