Can You Find Out if Someone Visits Your Facebook Profile?

by Anthony Thompson
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Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world, but can also be used to keep tabs on those you don't know quite as well. If you are curious about who has been looking at your profile, or concerned that whenever you view the profiles of others they will receive a record of your visit, be aware that Facebook does not allow its users access to this information.

Company Policy

According to Facebook, the site does not allow for users to find out who has been viewing their pages, looking through their posts or browsing their photo collections. The absence of this functionality means that users are able to view Facebook profiles as often as they like without worrying that their actions might be misinterpreted.

Rogue Applications

Many third-party applications claim to offer Facebook users to ability to track visits their profiles. In reality, no apps are able to do so and are always some form of scam, according to online security firm Sophos. Rather than providing the promised information, these apps will steal your personal information or use your account to spread spam. Facebook asks users to report any apps that claim to offer this ability.


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