Can You Find Out the Person Who Hacked Your Account?

By Vaughnlea Leonard

Sniff out cyber snoopers online.
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Cyber snoopers who hack accounts will often leave some kind of trail on your computer. You can find out who the person is by using multiple sources. Snuff out online sniffers by applying a little Internet and computer skills.

Determine IP Address

Determine your own IP first. The quickest way you can do this is online. Visit the What Is My IP Address website, then write down your number. You'll need it to match it against others later.

Command Prompt

See if someone is hooking up to your connection without your knowledge. Do this by going to your computer's command prompt, which is the search window in the Start Menu. Click on the Start button, then enter "cmd" over the phrase "Start search" or "Search programs and files." Enter "netstat" at the blinking cursor.

Look for a Foreign IP Address

Review any strange IP numbers under the Foreign Address column. Write it down and then go back to the What Is My Address IP website. Click the IP WHOIS Lookup link on the left side of the Web page. Enter that foreign address there to see what you find. You can try other IP locator sites to narrow down a name, address or city. Some sites even give you a longitude and latitude point.

Use a Geolocator

Use the Steve Morse longitude and latitude website if you're able to obtain an address from steps 3 and 4. Enter that address into the blank fields on the Morse site. Find an Internet map, then enter those numbers in too. Google Earth and Bing Maps both have 3-D satellite and birds-eye view capabilities.